Funniest Inventions from the Past

When revisiting the revolutionary inventions from the past, it must be noted that some of them were not applicable to the daily use of people so those inventors could not see that future will not use their findings and be completely different. Must say some of them are Hilariously Funny and give us good laugh! 🙂 


Cat-mew machine

Inventors are always looking to build a better mousetrap, and in 1963, this was the latest iteration. Homeowners with a mouse problem could use this mechanical cat from Japan to scare away rodents. Its eyes would light up, and the cat would “meow” 10 times every 60 seconds.


Massage helmet

With this, you don’t need to visit a spa to get a relaxing head massage. You could slip on this massage helmet for an air-powered scalp rubdown. This invention is still available today, albeit in more modern, portable forms.


Sewing non-electric machine

When your hamster needs to build some muscle, and you get a Hamster-powered sewing machine.


Japan Has Wigs for Dogs

Discoveries: Wigs for dogs being sold in a vending machine in Ginza. You can’t make this stuff up.


Baby Para mobile

With this 1920s para mobile, parents and their baby carriages could hit the streets at 15 miles per hour. Modern-day versions of this design allow moms and dads to tow their youngsters in trailers that clip on behind the bike. Imagine Today Mother’s with the power of super horsepower machines roaming fast the streets with a baby in front.

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