Extreme fun Stories You may Never hear About it

We all heard about not everyday stories that happened in the our neighbourhood or around the state or in the World. But What about stories that are hidden or not too much told in the public because they are unconvectional,not normal or maybe little shame to hear about them?

FUN SIDE HUB has some of them and they are really hilarious so that people wonder how such events can ever happen in a normal world.

1. Cat mayor of an Alaskan town.

In 1997, Lauri Stec, manager of Nagley’s General Store, found Stubbs in a box full of kittens in her parking lot. The owners were giving the kittens away; Stec chose “Stubbs” because he did not have a tail.

Stubbs was widely described as having been elected after a write-in campaign by voters who opposed the human candidates, but National Public Radio pointed out that this could not have happened because “the tiny town has no real mayor, so there was no election.”Nagley’s General Store was used as Stubbs’s “mayoral office” during his tenure.

In 2015, Stubbs was growing older and thus slowed down his public presence. He died on July 21, 2017. His owners said that “He was a trooper until the end of his life.” Stubbs lived to the age of 20 years and three months.

Stubbs’s owners have suggested that another family cat, Denali, may assume Talkeetna’s “mayoralty”.

2. Man wanted to sell his place in to Heaven.

Ari Mandel of Teaneck, New Jersey listed his place in The World To Come on eBay for a mere 99 cents. Titled “My Portion in Olam Habaah (Heaven)”

Since the auction “item” violated eBay’s terms of service, it was quickly taken down from the website when it reached $100,000 … ” I didn’t really expect to get that money. It was nice to fantasize, but I didn’t think it was going to happen said Mandel.”  He claims to have simply done this as a joke and tells those who took it seriously or were offended by his harmless prank to “chill out.”

3. The majority of people in Iceland believe in elves.

A 2007 University of Iceland survey found that 62 percent of Icelanders believe in real-life elves. In fact, in 2014, protesters claimed a proposed highway would destroy an “elf church,” which to many was just a gigantic rock. Eventually, the “church” was moved to a safe place so that it would not be harmed and the construction continued. Though the rock weighed 70 tons and required a crane to move it, the preservation of places important to elves is significant to Icelanders.

4. Woman revealing she BREASTFEEDS her boyfriend

a woman from Atlanta sparked outrage on social media after publicly announcing that she quit her job to breastfeed her 36-year-old bodybuilder boyfriend.

Jennifer Mulford claimed she wanted to start an ‘Adult Breastfeeding Relationship’ with her partner Brad Leeson after reading about the bond breastfeeding could create between two people.

Because Jennifer is yet to successfully induce lactation, the couple is sticking to their strict schedule and said it doesn’t matter where they are. 

‘It could be standing up, it could be we lay in the bed or I come home for lunch and she’s on the couch,’ Brad said.  

And when asked whether it was a ‘sexual thing for the pair, Brad said ‘to an extent.’

5. The city where only women live

Noiva do Cordeiro, a city where women live was founded in 1891 by Maria Senorina de Lima. This small Brazilian town was created by a woman, for women, it has its own rules and its own system of organizing work and life. Today, only 600 people live in it, mostly women and only a few men.

They have arranged life as they want and feel comfortable in their feminine world. They believe they managed to organize a much better life than the men in their country. They are only interested in singles who are ready to accept their feminine rules and adapt to a new way of life.

Facebook link of Noiva do Cordeiro

6. The human body literally glows.

This first image shows one of the test subjects in full light. Throughout the day, the body gives off weak emissions of visible light in totally dark conditions, as the color-coded middle image shows. The rightmost image of the subject, captured in infrared wavelengths, shows the heat emissions. Kyoto University/TIT

The human body literally glows, emitting a visible light in extremely small quantities at levels that rise and fall with the day, scientists now reveal.

Past research has shown that the body emits visible light, 1,000 times less intense than the levels to which our naked eyes are sensitive. In fact, virtually all living creatures emit very weak light, which is thought to be a byproduct of biochemical reactions involving free radicals.

(This visible light differs from the infrared radiation — an invisible form of light — that comes from body heat.)


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